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Obsession Lounge

1575 Saint Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa , Ontario K1G


Food Restaurant Bar Night club

1575 Saint Laurent Boulevard,
Ottawa, Ontario

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+1 613-288-0506

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  • I've been here twice. Great concept but it suffers from many shortfalls. To be fair, I'm comparing it to a place in Toronto that has a heated pool, hot tub, sauna and a more relaxed dress-code throughout. That place is also open daily and for a longer period of time. This is a lifestyle-club with two main areas: the bar and dance floor, and the play rooms. The play room area also has a private play room that can be locked, and a shower. The bar and dance floor requires you be dressed at all times. You might be able to sneak out quickly from the play room in a towel to go to the other washrooms or grab a drink. The dress code for the play rooms area is clothing optional, but generally only those involved in play dress down. It is open only Friday and Saturday nights. Friday nights allow single men. Saturday nights are mixed gender couples and women only (but single men can attend Saturdays with a couple, but cannot approach others). Couples and single men are always subject to a door fee, plus the yearly membership. Women must have the yearly membership but door fee is free, so entry is free with membership. The age range for this club seems to be around 30-60 years old, so don't expect many young people. It'd be nice to have a day dedicated to younger people but they'd need more visitors for it to work. My biggest recommendation would be to provide an area to relax in with a reduced attire, such as a pool or hot tub. I feel these additions would be worthwhile investments if possible. Another recommendation is for it to be at a place easier to access by public transit at night. It's no fun having to walk 20 minutes or so to the bus after having a few drinks.
    By Mike Oxner, December 06, 2016
  • Great place, service and staff. Love this place
    By Denis Murphy, November 04, 2016
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About Obsession Lounge in Ottawa

Obsession Lounge is a food, restaurant, bar and night club in Ottawa, Ontario. Obsession Lounge is located at 1575 Saint Laurent Boulevard.

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